Batman Confidential (2007) #41


There’s been a blind Batman story before, right? Oops, spoiler alert. Kieth makes Batman blind at the end of the issue as the twist. He opens it with a bit of a twist too. The Kieth girl is a blind, but we don’t know she’s blind in the first issue. So it’s a surprisingly character trait revelation in the second issue. How exciting.

I thought Kieth had done a Batman comic before, but if he has done so… no one edited him or told him where he was lame. Because he’s got some really lame stuff going on here. Batman’s crushing on the girl. And he can’t shut up about it.

Batman and crushing aren’t two words I think anyone would say should be in a sentence together. Even when Batman has a romance, he doesn’t crush; especially not since Kieth draws the girl to look pretty young.

Icky bad.

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