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Batman Confidential (2007) #43


I hate this comic book.

Because Kieth kills off his Kieth girl so he can make the story stop. He makes the story about her dying–not even resolving the sulfur monster, who’s never apprehended or destroyed–and how it doesn’t really matter to Batman. It’s beyond cheap.

It’s pretty clear the story–the sulfur monster thing–is stupid and not really worth reading about. It’s also pretty clear Batman going over his inner turmoil about his parents (the big revelation in the story is Bruce Wayne once shot a bird) isn’t worth reading about. So is the Kieth girl worth reading about?

Maybe, maybe not. But when Kieth wrote her with Batman, he made Batman human for a minute. He turned him into a believable, sympathetic character, which almost no one does.

As a further insult to the reader, Kieth ends the comic with his moronic, insensitive Commissioner Gordon.

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