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Locke & Key (2008) #4


Hill really goes all out this issue; it’s a wholly unlikable issue and probably the series’s best in terms of writing. Hill’s not concerned with writing likable characters or even really developing the big mystery behind Locke & Key. Instead, he focuses mostly on the psychotic murderer who’s out to get the family again—there’s some fill-in, revealing the kid’s motivation was uncanny and supernatural, not just a psychopathic kid (his sidekick, who barely has a place, probably was just a nutter).

And when Hill does go to the family, he’s just doing little stuff. The youngest one, Bode, is annoying people with a joke (to remind the reader of everything going on with him). But what’s more interesting is how Hill momentarily gets into the older son… who seems almost as disturbed as the murderer.

The issue makes the reader feel creeped out and sick, which means Hill succeeds.

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