Fantastic Four 288 (March 1986)

Strangely, the John Byrne Beyonder does not look like the standard John Byrne male. No idea why he chose to do something different. Maybe it’s just the eyeshadow. Maybe he started with the Byrne male and then the eyeshadow ruined it.

It’s an utterly goofy story, however, featuring some mind boggling continuity turns–the Dr. Doom in Secret Wars is from the future, this issue in fact, when the Beyonder creates him and sends him back in time to Secret Wars. What’s not clear is how there’s a different Dr. Doom. Maybe it is clear. He possesses someone (who is the standard Byrne male) and there’s some story to that event but I zoned out.

The Wasp also appears, which doesn’t make any sense to me. Reed babbles a lot, which is the norm, right? It’s still not clueing me in to why people love the Byrne Fantastic Four though.


Full Circle; writer and penciller, John Byrne; inker, Joe Sinnott; colorist, Glynis Oliver; letterer, John Workman; editors, Michael Higgins and Mike Carlin; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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