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Leviathan Ages (2013, Jon Yeo)

A scene from LEVIATHAN AGES, directed by Jon Yeo.

Leviathan Ages is sort of performance piece as short, CG-filled film. Director Yeo juxtaposes the narration–presumably delivered by the film’s only apparent character, an octopus outfitted in steam punk attire for land dwelling–against these amazing post-apocalyptic imagery.

Post-apocalyptic might be the wrong phrase. Yeo’s world is full of wondrous imagery, but people don’t seem to have made it. All these wonders are happening in the world people left. For example, the octopus narrator is in a warehouse with all these graffiti-covered beams.

Ages shows off what’s good about CG. Yeo’s imagery is far too imaginative and complex for any mainstream picture; he’s able to fully engage the artifice of CG as a tool and push past to make it into something real and encompassing.

Excellent composition too, especially in the less effects heavy shots. Ages is haunting, but not. Yeo treads a fine line.

3/3Highly Recommended


Photographed, edited, written and directed by Jon Yeo; music by Radium.

Narrated by Robert Blythe.


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