The Unwritten (2009) #7


A lot happens this issue–Lizzie goes to jail, it’s revealed she knows the flying cat, Tom’s cellmate is a reporter, the warden is corrupt–but nothing really compares to Tom’s conversation with the Frankenstein Monster.

Carey gives it all away–at least some of all of it–in the conversation, as it becomes clear Tom is Tommy, but not in a particularly special way. Tom has the ability to call fictional characters forth and the Monster implies he, Tom, has been called forth.

It’s kind of a crazy move to make this revelation, or hint at it, so early in the series. Usually, one might think it’d go in the first issue, but with The Unwritten, I’m kind of hoping Carey’s got a plan for the series past thirty issues. That’s two and a half years, right?

I feel like him giving away the secret so soon is dangerous.

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