The Unwritten (2009) #6

Carey starts something new here, in Unwritten‘s second arc, which I didn’t expect before. Well, he actually introduces a couple things I didn’t expect. First, Lizzie Hexam, is working with someone in her quest to… do whatever… with Tom. Second, Tom can apparently bring characters forth from written works–this issue ends with Tom discovering Frankenstein’s Monster waiting for him.

Otherwise, I guess the issue is somewhat traditional. It doesn’t do anything to resolve the appearance of Tommy Taylor’s (fictive?) flying cat at the end of the last arc, for example, which is a standard continuation trick these days. It just moves Tom into the legal process and has an amusing, well-written Tom in (French) prison sequence.

While the issue–and series–is excellent, I still have some problems with Carey’s pacing. He established it the series with gradual, precise pacing. Now he’s just racing through, scene after scene.