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Sly Sylvester (2011, April Abeyta)

Sly Sylvester fails its lead actor, Richard Turgeon. He’s got a good costar in Jay Krohnengold, who plays his ornery landlord, but once his love interest arrives, Sly runs downhill.

Tiffany Gustafson, as the love interest, trips, stumbles and falls through Kim Nunley’s dialogue. Nunley puts in way too much exposition, but Gustafson talks so fast she sounds out of breath, like if she doesn’t hurry, she’ll forget her lines.

Opposite Turgeon, who’s wonderful, it’s awkward and uncomfortable. One watches, no longer involved with the story, wondering if Turgeon realizes Gustafson is ruining the short.

Director Abeyta has some great shots, but also some terrible ones. Some of the problem is her editing (but also Thomas Broening’s photography often not matching). It’s about a one-to-one ratio, up until the end with a great establishing shot and then a bad crane attempt ruining it.

Still, Turgeon makes Sly worthwhile.

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