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You Will Believe: The Cinematic Saga of Superman (2006)

There’s no director or writer credited for You Will Believe and without a host, the “documentary” sort of ambles through the history of the Superman film series. Given the contentious history, it goes far in bringing everyone into it… but it doesn’t actually ask any questions. There’s only one moment when it directly refutes something one of the interviewee’s states and it’s almost an aside.

A lot of time is spent talking about Richard Donner’s exit from Superman II. There’s a part when the producer, Pierre Spengler, says Donner was fired for crap-mouthing Spengler in Variety–it’s on record, they show the newspaper–yet Donner never talks about that incident. Instead, he says he was fired out of the blue.

So as a “he said, she said” between Donner and Spengler and Ilya Salkind… it’s kind of a draw. Maybe if the Donner recut of Superman II had been good, he’d get more of my support.

And it is Richard Lester who takes a lot of blows here–and he didn’t participate. Lester’s Superman II stuff is superior to Donner’s and some of Superman III does work. Yet Lester gets hung out to dry… even by Salkind and Spengler.

The lack of focus is really unfortunate, because the making of these films clearly deserves a better look than a DVD “bonus” puff piece.

Also, whoever picked Peter Guber as an interviewee is a twit. Guber’s freakishly off putting, not to mention having nothing whatsoever to do with these films.



Edited by Michael Fallavollita; produced by Constantine Nasr; released by Warner Home Video.


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