The Immortal Iron Fist (2007) #4


I expected more from the Buscema and Palmer pages. The art feels like they were supposed to be going retro instead of bringing a specific style.

It’s sort of strange how much Brubaker and Fraction skip here. The issue starts with Orson and Danny being big buddies. Orson’s been showing him tricks, which we also don’t get to see.

In some ways it works–it suggests time passing between the issues, so even if they read fast, it’s not like there isn’t more going on. A downside is missing important scenes. Not Orson showing off the Jedi mind tricks, but just some character development.

Brubaker and Fraction split the issue between the bad guy–I can’t remember his name after just one mention, Steel Something or Silver Something–and the two Iron Fists. The Iron Fist stuff is a lot better.

Aja’s visualization of Orson in costume is exceptional; Danny looks left out.

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