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Power Pack 18 (January 1986)


Power Pack might be one of those ludicrously irresponsible titles–really, the kids skip school to go on vindictive, violent rampages (if Millar had the Power Pack kids kill a bunch of other kids by accident in Civil War, well, that one would be something)–but it’s got Brent Anderson artwork so I’m not sure I really care.

The comic’s idiotic. I mean, these kids talk with a vocabulary a teenager wouldn’t have, so it’s incredibly silly on top of being bad… it takes an artist like Anderson to make the thing tolerable. And there are some beautiful panels here. What’s going on in the panels is dumb, but it’s a well-drawn dumb.

The comic closes with the Power Pack kids getting ready to invite Wolverine to Thanksgiving. Wolverine’s Canadian on top of everything else, why the hell would he want to go to Thanksgiving?

Summing up, it’s stupid.

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