Incognito (2008) #3


I’ve read Incognito before so I know it eventually falls apart. I just didn’t remember where it started crumbling. Apparently, it’s this issue.

Instead of his delicately paced narrative, here Brubaker dedicates the majority of the issue to a superpowered fight scene in a mall. Then he brings in Zoe Zeppelin, a superhero (with a name straight out of Tom Strong, though I’m sure he got Zoe from Zoe Bell, who stars in his worthless motion picture writing debut, Angel of Death), for the cliffhanger. There’s about a page of setup for that cliffhanger, by the way; Zeppelin’s only mentioned in passing the previous issue.

There’s still a lot good about the issue. Brubaker’s first person narration for the protagonist is still rock solid (I think Brubaker’s only ever faltered on the first person narration once, on Criminal‘s first arc) and Phillips doing superhero fight scenes is real cool.