Incognito (2008) #2


The way Brubaker weaves his plot and subplots (he uses a modified Levitz Paradigm) is beautiful. There’s so much nuance to it, little things being introduced, percolating gradually then rapidly (this issue introduces a Plot C and heats it to a Plot A, all while keeping other subplots cooking steadily). Brubaker’s “independent” work is so much nicer than his current mainstream output; he doesn’t have time to do his fourteen issue story arcs with only a Plot A and a Plot B (which is why I stopped reading his Daredevil, for example).

However. And there’s a serious however to Incognito. While the protagonist is some kind of cool, hip supervillain, all of the other ones seem like they are out of Tom Strong, like Brubaker didn’t just lift the science-hero and science-villain terminology from it, he took the somewhat goofy bad guys.

And they don’t fit in Incognito.

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