Incognito (2008) #4


Ok, so for whatever reason, I thought Zoe Zeppelin was Black (or half-Black) and so I was going to do another Tom Strong reference (since Zeppelin’s dad was the one who started the whole science-hero thing in the Incognito universe) and maybe even point out back in the good old (pre-Marvel exclusive) days, Brubaker did a Tom Strong story. I think I’ve decided his pre-Marvel days were his best. He’s really just not putting out the same level of stuff at Marvel.

This issue is another poorly paced, fast read. It’s a setup issue following a setup issue. It’s like Brubaker doesn’t want to have to do his rising action, he just wants to do some action scenes.

The superheroes in Incognito, by the way, are real shits, which he doesn’t explore here, unfortunately.

I’m just reading to get through at this point.

Great art, though.

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