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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #19

Usm18 4k

Well, I finally get my Mary responding to Gwen this issue and it’s… incomplete. Bendis cuts it off for dramatic effect, which feels wrong. It feels out of character for Mary Jane to sulk off on Peter here.

This issue features more of the Ultimate Spider-Man than Bendis has shown lately. I just say Spider-Man when he’s doing regular Spidey stuff. He’s Ultimate Spider-Man when he’s using modern information technology to inform his interactions. So when Spider-Man stands off with Justin Hammer this issue… great stuff.

What’s not so great this issue is the faces. Bendis has a ton of stuff going on, lots and lots of characters–and Bagley draws the same faces on half of them.

It’s incredibly confusing. Especially with Betty Bryant looking exactly like Kraven’s assistant.

Then Bendis ends the issue with a great cliffhanger.

When this comic’s good, it’s real good.

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