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Daredevil (1964) #223


Jim Shooter co-wrote this issue (the first Secret Wars II crossover I’ve noticed him work on) and it shows. There’s a lot of idiotic nonsense about the Beyonder trying to buy the world legally. Of course, what lawyer to go to for help? Matt Murdock.

This issue might be my first Mazzucchelli Daredevil and, I have to say, I’m disappointed. It’s sort of Marvel style, but it’s also very retro. It looks like an old romance comic at times. The art’s fine and good and all, but I was expecting it to blow me away, it being Mazzucchelli after all.

The story itself is affecting, as Daredevil gets his sight back, but it’s way too short. Mazzucchelli creates some amazing moments, but they only last a page. If they’d stretched this one out to two issues, something, it would have been better.

Still, it’s an excellently produced comic book.

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  1. EM

    I remember buying this issue because it was a Secret Wars II crossover and like you, feeling disappointed at what felt like a uninspired attempt. While an interesting idea I’m not even sure stretching it out over two issues would have helped. If memory serves SW2 crossovers with Beyonder all seemed to follow the same silly plot lines designed to have a simple sitcom-like resolution at the end.
    Looking back I wonder if the only Daredevil series that really stand the test of time are the ones written by Frank Miller.

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