Chew (2009) #4


Well. I wanted subplots. I certainly got subplots. The issue opens with a subplot–the hit out on protagonist Tony–then Layman does a layered narrative (which always sounds good, but sometimes it’s just so you can force interest in a story by showing something interesting)–then we get another subplot (Tony’s brother is in trouble). Then the issue ends with space aliens and a government conspiracy and Layman assuming the reader knows nothing about how long it takes light to travel through space.

There’s also a fairly decent scene with the medical examiner and a couple funny things about government-funded private research.

But, basically, Layman’s approach to this series is to throw everything he can at it and call it good. He’s making a stew out of leftovers. It’s actually a shame he’s writing it. Someone with some focus and understanding of good police procedurals could make it significant instead of slight.

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