Dazzler (1981) #40


I didn’t mention it in the previous Secret Wars II response, but is Dazzler always a loose woman or is she just being written as a loose woman for the Secret Wars II crossovers? Shooter handled it better, but here, Goodwin points it out and it just makes her look cheap.

On to the art, however. Dazzler’s comic is, from a storytelling standpoint, incredibly disappointing (she’s on the run–to turn herself in for jumping bail–and a bunch of redneck psychic pillagers on motorcycles are after her). Oddly, the cover shows the motorcycle thugs as youthful and punk; the interior shows them to be freakish and middle-aged.

Anyway, I had no idea Paul Chadwick did mainstream books. He’s okay. His Beyonder, for example, looks like a soap opera star and Dazzler’s kind of boring looking. Guice’s cover is better than the interior art (which he inked).

It stinks.

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  1. vernon wiley

    I NEVER understood the appeal of Paul Charwick.. All his people look stiff, bored, and univiting. Here, at the beginning of his comics career, I can only imagine how bad it is. And the Dazzler? C’mon, what tween age boy would touch this stuff? Somebody must of, it did make it for a while.