Spider-Woman (1978) #2


Vixen. A spiteful or quarrelsome woman. Vixen.

Marv Wolfman refers to his protagonist as a vixen in this issue. Not so sure he knows what the word means and for someone so flatulent in his writing, he really ought to have a dictionary handy.

I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong with this comic book, whether it’s Wolfman or the editorial decisions behind Spider-Woman, but it’s a mess.

She’s heading to America at the end of this issue, presumably to have superhero guest stars, but it’s the second issue. Why bother with her in England in the first place? More, why bother with the inane romantic interest (actually, he’s more of a stalker–a stalker from SHIELD–it could be a new title).

Infantino’s professional enough to pull everything off, but he’s clearly bored. Worst is how Wolfman’s exposition sometimes doesn’t match Infantino’s panels, like Wolfman’s trying to force it.

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