Tradd Moore

The Legend of Luther Strode 5 (May 2013)

Luther just hit the exasperating point. So far, Jordan has established exactly one important event in five issues of this series. It could have been a single issue and ended where this one ends and the series might be setup for something good. Giving Moore a place to showcase his ultra-violent art is fine, but […]


The Legend of Luther Strode 4 (March 2013)

Jordan is just getting worse. He’s still not doing a bad job, he’s probably even on the positive side of mediocre, but he’s getting worse. There’s less and less actual content as the series progresses. There’s no story, just a series of awesome action set pieces from Moore. And the fight scene is great. The […]


The Strange Talent of Luther Strode 1 (October 2011)

There’s nothing original about The Strange Talent of Luther Strode so far. Tradd Moore’s a little more ultra-violent than most comics; Moore gives it an almost cartoonish feel. When the story flashback (almost immediately) to Luther Strode in high school, where he got his superpowers from a Charles Atlas analog, Moore maintains the attention to […]