The Strange Talent of Luther Strode 4 (January 2012)

Luther meets his adversary this issue and discovers a little about the source of his powers. Basically, macho men are just failed murderous psychopaths. Jordan’s philosophy, which is probably subconscious, is interesting for a comic book. It’s not really a commentary on the superhero comic genre, but it’s hard not to take it as one.

There’s a lot of humor this issue. Luther makes more wisecracks than Peter Parker. It’s too many since very little happens overall; Jordan is just trying to pace out the issue better. He’s trying to delay the reader from getting to the end.

Unfortunately, when he does need to draw it out more–the ending–he and Moore rush to the ending. It’s a fine issue, but someone should have told them to cut out the unnecessary biblical flashback, especially since Luther isn’t about making a statement.

The cliffhanger is amazing. Jordan redeems the issue.

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