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The Legend of Luther Strode 4 (March 2013)

269829 20130701040246 largeJordan is just getting worse. He’s still not doing a bad job, he’s probably even on the positive side of mediocre, but he’s getting worse. There’s less and less actual content as the series progresses. There’s no story, just a series of awesome action set pieces from Moore.

And the fight scene is great. The bandaged villain guy is a good opponent for Luther. Jordan doesn’t write their fight banter particularly well–he’s trying to get in way too much exposition–but the character concept is strong. Moore does well with all the energy of an absurdly long limbed supervillain.

About the only character who gets any attention is Petra. Jordan has her running around, meeting up with various players. He doesn’t cliffhang on her again, which is a welcome change. Unfortunately, the cliffhanger he does pick isn’t much better.

The series continues to be entirely decent but completely pointless.



Writer, Justin Jordan; artist, Tradd Moore; colorist, Felipe Sobreiro; letterer, Fonografiks; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    Well, pointless in the way you want a comic with plot. Every once in a while, twenty two pages of fight scenes can do it. Here it works, in it’s own way. Not that a steady diet of junk food is good for you. But DC and Marvel feed us enough edible crap as it is, anyway. Strode is the haute cuisine of comic junk food.

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