The Strange Talent of Luther Strode 6 (March 2012)

Well, Hollywood’s never going to go for this ending. No jet pack, to say the least.

I was talking with a group of writers once about novels and one said, “all novels end poorly.” I’m not sure I agree, but Luther Strode certainly ends poorly. But it doesn’t change my opinion of the series overall.

Jordan takes himself very seriously as a writer and this issue shows it. He even writes about the decision-making process and the morale of the story. He should have put that energy into a good last issue.

It’s not just the writing either. Moore’s art is still energetic and enraptured in the series’s violence, his pacing is just off. Some of it’s Jordan’s multiple false endings, but Jordan’s writing for emotional effect and Moore isn’t drawing for it.

So, even with a lame ending, Luther is a good series. Desperately needs an editor though.