The Legend of Luther Strode 2 (January 2013)

264543 20130109162325 largeIt’s another action and violence issue. Since Moore has such a good time with the violence, the issue’s definitely entertaining. And Jordan doesn’t spend a lot of time with the crime boss. Luther does get a lot of page time.

He just doesn’t get to say anything. The girl, Petra, she gets a lot of lines and is actually the issue’s protagonist. Based on the cliffhanger, however, it appears Jordan is about ready to hand over the series to Luther. For those counting, that handover will be on issue three. While Luther’s name is in the title, Jordan’s plot is so contrived he can’t figure out how to get his titular character in the driver’s seat until the third issue….

Hopefully. It could all be about the villain again.

The comic’s good, it’s just uninspired. Apparently indie comic creators can do cash grabs too. No one is immune from it.



Writer, Justin Jordan; artist, Tradd Moore; colorist, Felipe Sobreiro; letterer, Fonografiks; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    While the extreme lack of plot wasn’t a deal breaker for me here, the final act will have to have a bit more gravitas to make Luther a recommended read.

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