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Conan the Barbarian (1970) #7


The art this issue is a mess. Buscema and Adkins each hurriedly handled a half of the book. I assume Windsor-Smith was speeding along too because the result is people with huge eyes and minuscule noses. Sometimes it looks like Conan’s face is off-center on his head. It’s an ugly issue, which is too bad.

The story is mostly solid. Thomas is adapting God in the Bowl and has a lot in Conan’s head at the end. Except they don’t visualize what Conan’s seeing, it’s all in the narration. So even though Conan’s fighting a serpent god, he’s thinking about far more visually intriguing things.

The fault must be with the hurriedness—Windsor-Smith’s panel composition isn’t up to par here either (the letters page mentions the rush). Thomas does manage to get a lot in—his one page third act is the series norm; it reads fine.

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