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Conan the Barbarian (1970) #11


Windsor-Smith has this amazing close-up of Conan during a fight with an ape (the ape has gone amok, the pet of Conan’s target). There’s still the significant nose problem, but the panel just looks so great it’s hard to believe Windsor-Smith didn’t think maybe drawing a reasonable nose was in order.

Thomas continues the previous issue, somewhat awkwardly but welcomely. He backtracks a little—and shows Conan and his lady friend post-coital—but it all works out. There’s a nice continuity between the issues now, with Thomas weaving in and out of Howard source material.

This story’s double-sized (nearly) and gives Thomas a lot of room. He gets to layer the story (no idea if it’s from the Howard source) and show Conan not just as the problem-solver, but as the thief and avenger.

The series is really finding its legs.

Just not noses.

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  1. Enough wih the noses!…

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