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Conan the Barbarian (1970) #9


So, The Garden of Fear–Howard’s original story this issue is based on–did come out after Burroughs’s Out of Time’s Abyss. They feature a very similar evil winged race of men… though with different motives for kidnapping women.

That possible “homage” of source material aside–and Windsor-Smith’s continually weak noses and prominent brows–this issue is excellent.

It continues the last issue, with Conan and the girl, and gives them an immediate action scene. Once that scene is resolved, there’s a little calm and Thomas moves into the next part of the story. Basing the issues on Howard’s short stories gives them a nice epical quality. You get three acts an issue and the feeling things happen.

Conan mounts a rescue to save his girl–who still isn’t his girl, which makes their relationship interesting–and has to get through the obstacles.

It’s probably the best issue yet.

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