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Conan the Barbarian (1970) #10


Oh, the noses. Why, oh why, can’t Windsor-Smith get noses right? He didn’t start out having problems with them. It must have been some kind of weird creative decision to draw bad noses. I don’t see how any of the characters gets enough air to breath.

Otherwise, he does a good job with the issue. There’s a very grandiose battle scene with a growing bull god and an escape from some guards. He handles those aspects fine. It’s just noses.

Thomas does his own thing here, giving the previous couple issues some closure. Conan has a sidekick return and we get resolution to his situation with the girl.

Until the last couple panels, the entire story takes place in town, which seems a little off for Conan but Thomas paces the story well and it feels right. It’s almost too bad he didn’t take another issue to finish it.

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