Howard Chaykin

Buck Rogers 2 (October 2013)

For the most part, it’s a strong issue. Chaykin’s gleefully overboard with this idea of Rogers as a twenties American socialist awoken around a bunch of closed-minded future “Americans.” He loves it and it’s impossible not to get wrapped up in his enthusiasm. Chaykin’s also downright hostile towards Wilma Deering. Buck lays it all out […]


Irredeemable Special 1 (April 2010)

What a terrible comic. I’m used to Irredeemable running hot and lukewarm and Incorruptible being awful–Waid’s incredibly inconsistent–and this special is anything but. There are three stories. One’s a prologue, sort of, to the first issue of Irredeemable. It apparently hints at something the regular series will deal with. The second story might serve a […]