Chris Roberson

Doc Savage 1 (December 2013)

Chris Roberson seems to love Doc Savage. His enthusiasm for the concept, the thirties setting and the characters makes this issue work. He just doesn’t necessarily write a comic for readers who aren’t just as enthusiastic about Doc Savage. And I imagine it’d be hard to find anyone enthusiastic enough. There’s nothing new about this […]


Starborn 2 (January 2011)

There are countless issues with Starborn. I mean, the thing opens in an alien council—it looks like a mix of Star Wars and fantasy (some big minotaur looking thing)—but my major problem is buying into the story requires the reader to buy into the protagonist’s stupid sci-fi enthusiasm. The gimmick (the protagonist’s dumb sci-fi novels […]


Starborn 1 (December 2010)

Starborn is an adolescent male’s fantasy world come to life (well, an adolescent male “grown up”). The protagonist is in his twenties, writes sci-fi books no one will publish and has a crush on his childhood next door neighbor. Of course, it turns out his sci-fi books are true and his next door neighbor is […]