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Starborn (2010) #1


Starborn is an adolescent male’s fantasy world come to life (well, an adolescent male “grown up”). The protagonist is in his twenties, writes sci-fi books no one will publish and has a crush on his childhood next door neighbor.

Of course, it turns out his sci-fi books are true and his next door neighbor is grown-up too and she’s going to be his bodyguard.

The covers to this book do a terrible job advertising it–though I think one should never judge a comic with an Humberto Ramos cover by that cover, just gag at the sight and maybe tear it off and read the comic.

Khary Randolph’s style is sort of a Space Ace retro homage, full of energy; it’s pleasant and appealing and also able to convey the action.

Roberson’s first person narration is solid too.

It’s like a genial Matrix. It’s a good start.

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