Sovereign 1 (March 2014)

Sovereign #1Chris Roberson splits Sovereign’s first issue into three parts; he’s trying to establish a whole world so splintering makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, the three parts are not equal.

The first part is some mystics having to bury people. Not their people, just people, because as mystics they have to bury dead. Roberson works in a mystic in training, which gives the reader further entry into the world.

The second part is some prince who doesn’t want to be king but is going to be sooner than he thought. For the first part, which is set at night, Paul Maybury’s art is excellent. Once the day time scenes start? It’s okay. Mostly. It’s like Paul Pope meets E.C. Segar.

The third part is the weakest. Lots of fantasy exposition; it’s set at sea, there are monsters, lots and lots of terminology.

It’s too bad–the first part’s great.



Writer, Chris Roberson; artist, Paul Maybury; colorists, Jordan Gibson and Maybury; letterer, John J. Hill; publisher, Image Comics.

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