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Starborn (2010) #3


Huh. What to say. It’s very hard to say anything about this issue of Starborn because Roberson’s script is so padded, he only has about six pages of story here. There are maybe three double-page spreads (so twenty-seven percent of the issue) and then it ends on a full-page spread. The pacing is awful.

Maybe Roberson just doesn’t know where to go, because–reading it–it seems like Starborn‘s jumped the tracks. When the protagonist talks about the reality of the universe (with all these aliens out to get him–he’s Neo, by the way) and how a sci-fi author wrote about it, it’s interesting. When it’s the aliens, not so much.

With better action scenes, it might work. But Roberson writes anti-climatic action scenes; the good guys either retreat or there’s a deus ex machina. It’s hard to care about them.

Or the series.

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