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Fashion Beast 3 (October 2012)

881591Ah ha, big plot twist this issue. Wonder if I should even mention it.


The comic picks up from last issue with Doll running away from the mean lesbian (who doesn’t even have a name–her t-shirt says Tomboy so maybe it’s the most concise moniker) and getting beat up by protestors. People starving in the streets, slowly dying from radiation in the atmosphere… they’re not thrilled with the fashion industry.

Then comes the big twist and Doll returning to the fashion factory, where things work out all right for her. Percio does a fantastic job with the expressions for Doll; her whole life changes in a few panels and he beautifully illustrates it. Makes up for some weak panels earlier.

The comic’s problem continues to be Johnston. He’s not breaking out issues well from the source screenplay; this one has a bad stopping point.

Still, it’s good.


Five of Swords; writers, Malcolm McLaren, Alan Moore and Antony Johnston; artist, Facundo Percio; colorist, Hernan Cabrera; editor, Jim Kuhoric; publisher, Avatar Press.

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