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Conan the Barbarian (1970) #5


This issue’s based on a Howard poem; it’s hard to say how much Thomas added on his own without reading the poem. It seems like he includes it at one point and, if he does, he added a lot.

Thomas’s approach is a little different than before–five issues in, the series doesn’t have a consistent tone of stories, though a mix of battle and quest might be accurate. Conan’s the protagonist and active in the story. Thomas even adds a little dimension to the character (not a bunch, but a little). Even though the issue opens with Conan in a town and ends with him on the road, the end is strong enough to give the book an “on the road,” journeying feel to it.

Windsor-Smith has a couple pages of spotty art–a silly-looking demon in particular. Maybe it’s the Giacoia inks. The rest looks good.

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