O.M.A.C. 3 (January 2012)

It’s the first all-action issue of O.M.A.C. and everyone–meaning Giffen and Koblish–does fine. There’s one great moment when O.M.A.C. “smashes,” which I assume was a Hulk reference.

But the issue introduces the first original villain, a very silly Psi-fi Man, who has a distended brain stem because he’s so smart and psychic.

It shouldn’t work, it really shouldn’t.

But like everything else in O.M.A.C., it does. Psi-fi Man works. Heck, after the send-off the issue gives him, I wish he’d get a one shot.

The book still manages not to be silly, even though… you know, it’s silly. Now Didio and Giffen are introducing (or reintroducing into the new DC Universe) Checkmate. Only they have these light show weapons out of Tron and whatnot. They’re after O.M.A.C., who’s zapping around the country, with Brother Eye setting him up for trouble.

O.M.A.C.‘s a constant joy.


Offensive Meetings, Antagonistic Communications; writers, Dan Didio and Keith Giffen; penciller, Giffen; inker, Scott Koblish; colorist, Hi-Fi; letterer, Travis Lanham; editors, Harvey Richards; publisher, DC Comics.

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