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Swamp Thing (1972) #3


This issue introduces Abby (still Abigail and oddly a great English speaker for Eastern Europe) and the Patchwork Man. The issue’s incredibly awkward, because most of it is Wrightson doing this lovely homage to old Universal monster movies. The Patchwork Man looks just like the Boris Karloff Frankenstein Monster (down to having his outfit, albeit fluffier, from Son of Frankenstein) and the setting is very Universal, vague Eastern European. They spoke English in the movies too.

Wait, maybe it’s supposed to be Switzerland. I guess I can buy it if it’s supposed to be Switzerland….

So Swamp Thing takes a supporting role, with most of the narration in the second person, from the Patchwork Man’s point of view. Wein is ambitious, but falters. Plus, he’s got Matt Cable inciting the villagers to take up pitchforks and torches.

Still, the art and general tone make it a more than worthwhile read.

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