Venom 6 (October 2011)

“Spider-Island” seems a lot like that Batman crossover, “War Games.” Just in the city in panic stuff. Maybe I’m thinking of a different one.

But this issue has Fowler back–and on it solo, doing all the creatures, an area where he excels–and my biggest complaint has nothing to do with the crossover.

Actually, it’s all fine. The crossover stuff, I mean. It could all fit into the comic without a lot of forcing, so it does work. And there’s a Venom dog. Strangely, it’s kind of cute.

No, my problem is Remender’s handling of Flash’s father dying. All of a sudden Betty Brant is at the hospital with him. Flash walked out on the guy, so obviously something has happened. Either it was in a previous crossover issue, which is malarky, or something got cut to make room for crossover nonsense.

It’s still good, I’m just perturbed.

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  1. Vernon Wiley

    My favorite moment here was in the exchange between Cap & Venom where they get ready for round two with the Spider Beast. Priceless dialogue. Tie Ins are totally bogus, wrecking havoc among the better written books, leaving their damage behind in interrupted plots, stolen momentum, excess plot slowing debris, etc… but somehow they make it through. While a little clumsy, this issue manages to keep the train fed, and me back for another issue…

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