Venom 7 (November 2011)

Venom finally meets the Anti-Venom… only it’s unclear why a meet-up is so necessary. Eddie Brock’s rambling, religious “hero” is kind of a buzz kill. The meeting has no weight for Flash Thompson, only for the symbiote. And, regardless of series title, Flash is the main character.

So instead, Remender uses the issue to deal with Flash’s growing dependence on the suit. You’d think the government would vet him well enough to know he has an addictive personality.

The whole issue–down to the reconciliation with the dying father–feels forced. Flashbacks showed us how terrible Flash’s dad was to the family, yet Flash gives him a tearful forgiveness. Either Flash is lying to be a swell person or Remender’s taking a really big short cut as far as character development.

While Fowler’s art is still awesome, Remender can’t make the requisite tie-in issue belong in Venom.

One Comment

  1. Vernon Wiley

    Was it just me, or did it seem like the Venom & the Anti Venom were THIS close to mad, violent, sex? Now THAT would of been a topic to bring the done in one style to it’s fruition. Well, we didn’t get that, but we did get through the finale of yet another attempt by Marvel to publish comic books.
    This two parter did take a lot of momentum away from the book, though, so the creators have their work cut out for them next issue. And, no, I’m NOT going to read the conclusion in Amazing Spider man. I only want to read Venom, so take THAT, Marvel!