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Men of War 3 (January 2012)

Vankin defines Men of War‘s target audience this issue in his backup. It’s pro-war, bigoted twits who are too stupid to ask questions. And Vankin makes it very, very clear. I’m not sure if he’s happily appealing to that audience or if it’s a joke. I don’t care either. His writing is awful.

Also terrible is Brandon this issue. Brandon’s front story–with Derenick’s art cramping a lame story’s style even more–is a rip off of the Iron Man “Five Nightmares” arc. People are weaponized and blow up.

But here, the good guys manage to take out the Muslim bad guys. In the new DC, I wonder if the big summer crossover will be about Lex Luthor’s secret Muslim heritage.

But I didn’t hate the comic. It’s DC doing ad work for the Army. The creators should be proud of doing such a soulless, artless piece of crap.


Last Clip; writer, Ivan Brandon; artist, Tom Derenick; colorist, Matt Wilson. Human Shields, Part Three of Three; writer, Jonathan Vankin; artist, Phil Winslade; colorist, Thomas Chu. Letterer, Rob Leigh; editors, Kate Stewart and Joey Cavalieri; publisher, DC Comics.

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  1. After the atrocious first issue and it’s blasphemous entry of capes to the war comics shindig, I was NOT gonna be sympathetic to this one. It seems about as far away from a “genuine” war comic as you can get, easily outpaced by old generic Charlton shorts from the sixties. Yes, they’re that bad… I might even recommend Sgt. Fury reprints over this stuff….yeah, go for the Fury reprints, instead.

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