A scene from AFTER EVER AFTER OR NUMBERS ON A NAPKIN, directed by Jeff Pinilla.

After Ever After or Numbers on a Napkin (2011, Jeff Pinilla)

It’s amazing how a British actor, one who isn’t even good, is still leagues better than a mediocre American actor.

Michael Furlong talks his way through (the incredibly titled) After Ever After or Numbers on a Napkin. He’s some guy in New York, suffering after a breakup. It’s a boring story and, like I said, Furling isn’t any good. But he’s so much better than the terribly written material.

None of the dialogue comes naturally from Furlong. Director Pinilla probably should have let Furlong rewrite the dialogue to give it a British flare. Or just watched more “Masterpiece Theater.”

But the American actors are even worse—including co-writer Dan Owens. Watching Owens try to get out the lines, it’s hard not to wonder why he didn’t write himself dialogue he could speak.

Napkin has beautifully montage sequences (also from Pinilla).

But that technical success doesn’t make it any good.

1/3Not Recommended


Edited, produced and directed by Jeff Pinilla; written by Pinilla and Dan Owens; director of photography, Justin Simpson.

Starring Michael Furlong (Sydney Gamblin), Sara Cicilian (Young Woman), Dan Owens (Dan Owens), Sanam Erfani (Bartender), Jana Lovelace (Waitress) and Kenton Young (Janitor).


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