Venom 4 (August 2011)

Why did Tony Moore have to come back? He ruins the last scene of the comic, with Pete and Flash having their first sit down as unknowing nemeses. The scene should have been a mixture of confusing, ominous and fun. Moore ruins it.

Remender focuses mostly on action this issue. Spidey and Venom continue fighting–with some of the bad guys showing up for another action scene–and the aforementioned quiet finish.

It should have all worked well. Remender is comfortable with Flash and his dialogue is fine… so what happened?

The comic can’t hold up without compelling art. As an action comic, the art is often the only communication method for a couple pages when dialogue balloons take a break.

Remender plotted this issue, and the last two, as continuous. It makes it so Flash doesn’t have much resonance yet.

It’s also hard to return to Moore after Fowler.

One Comment

  1. Vernon Wiley

    It’s pure and simple. Remender and Moore are old friends, and that’s that. You’re just lucky that Moore doesn’t sit still that long. Still, I could imagine MUCH worse illustrating these tales. Gosh, half of the new 52 artists would have me shaking in my boots more than Moore…but alas, I digress. The book keeps chugging along, taking us hapless fools for the continued ride into the past of the Marvel universe. You’re right, the best authors at Marvel these days seem to be carefully rewriting the Marvel’s we read as kids…