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Venom 3 (July 2011)

Tom Fowler drawing Venom is a waste of talent. A glorious waste of talent. While Fowler’s able to do a crazy Venom, full of tentacles and slime, the regular stuff is better.

The comic opens with a guy playing racket ball and seeing Fowler’s attention to movement is great. And it’s not just a Venom comic–it’s Tom Fowler drawing Spider-Man, which is pretty darn awesome too.

There’s so much good design (Fowler manages to do both, design and draw), Remender can get away with almost anything. Fowler sells the big bad guy’s silly henchmen and their silly costumes (it’s more and more a homage to the original Amazing it seems). He’s also able to sell the terror of Betty being kidnapped.

The mix of Remender’s competence and homage and Fowler’s artwork makes Venom a singular Marvel comic. It’s fun, standalone, good and enthusiastically admiring of its Amazing roots.

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