Static Shock 3 (January 2012)

Every issue of Static Shock I wonder if it’s possible for McDaniel to get worse as an artist and as a writer. Once again, he doesn’t disappoint.

Besides the action scenes being incomprehensible, they’re badly paced. The big action scene this issue is reduced to one crappy page. It’s sort of amusing in its incompetence.

Speaking of incompetence, on to McDaniel and Rozum’s writing. Static’s special science high school–named after Dwayne McDuffie no less–is overrun by gang bangers. Science-happy gang bangers.

And then there’s the narration. Static is just as bad Spider-Man cocky in his day-to-day narration as he is in his dialogue with bad guys. Except we’ve never seen the women drool all over him; he appears to be a complete zero with the ladies. Overcompensating? Closeted denial?

The dueling clones are still interesting. They’re so compelling, not even McDaniel can ruin it.


Turnabout; writers, Scott McDaniel and John Rozum; penciller, McDaniel; inker, Andy Owens; colorist, Guy Major; letterer, Dezi Sienty; editor, Harvey Richards.; publisher, DC Comics.

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  1. Vernon Wiley

    Scott McDaniel may be the nicest guy in comics, but I gave up reading his books years ago. Whether it’s a lack of ability to tell a story , or just total ignorance of elements needed to achieve it, his work is difficult to follow at best. At worst, it sometimes looks like rather self indulgent drawings, exaggerating inappropriately to fill space. Storytelling looks like a secondary concern behind making forced perspective exercises, with a graphitti like motif the requirement of success.

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