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Planet of the Apes 3 (June 2011)

I wish Gregory–and Boom! in general–were more forthcoming. About halfway through the issue, I started wondering if Apes was more a relaunch than just a prequel. Meaning, even though it’s set 1,200 years before the first movie, maybe the movie isn’t going to be precisely how it works. The movie’s got a cheap, limited set. The comic doesn’t… is it moving towards cheap, limitedness or is the movie going to be revamped?

Those questions are important for a movie tie-in book.

Otherwise, the issue’s okay. Except Gregory doesn’t know how to make the humans sympathetic. The humans in Apes aren’t insurgents, rallying against an oppressor… they’re dumb murderers. This issue reveals there’s probably a puppet master, which would be a cop-out.

Anyway, Magno keeps his art consistent this time and it helps.

While it’s hard to get interested when there’s no legitimate conflict, Apes remains harmless.

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