Planet of the Apes 4 (July 2011)


For the first time, Gregory’s Apes is completely “eh.”

I never thought of him as ambitious, but this issue lacks ambition to the degree he’s just churning to get a comic out. Maybe because Boom!’s got a dollar issue next, it doesn’t matter. It’s the last issue before an imposed “jumping on” point.

But Gregory takes enough story for half an issue and stretches it. Modern comics are already stretched enough for trades and Apes is no different. There’s zero “A plot” payoff here and, worse, there’s no “B plot.” The character drama from the first couple issues has vanished. Now it’s Gregory pretending he’s doing “Battlestar” insurgency stuff, only with Apes.

Except, like I said before, he’s not. Especially since we (the reader) already have suspicions (ones Gregory painfully laid) there’s a puppet master behind it all.

Magno does some nice art, though his iffy panels return.

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