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Green Lantern: New Guardians 2 (December 2011)

Yay for terribly written exposition flashbacks. Yay!

See, I’m trying to be positive about New Guardians and not laugh at Kirkham’s hair on Kyle Rayner. I mean, it’s some silly hair. But probably not as silly as his three day stubble… because Kyle’s a young, hip rebel.

Though I do like the new costume design on Kyle as an omni-Lantern (when he’s got on all the rings). Not sure if that one’s Kirkham or Harvey Tolibao. It’s very… well, it kind of makes Kyle look like a drag queen, which is funny.

Having one funny page in the issue helps, because there’s nothing amusing about the rest of it.

Frighteningly, Bedard’s plotting is even worse than his dialogue and he misses some great opportunities. Like when Kyle leaves psychotic aliens on earth assuming they won’t hurt anyone… Bedard misses a big opportunity.

New Guardians isn’t just bad, it’s boring.


Writer, Tony Bedard; pencillers, Tyler Kirkham and Harvey Tolibao; inker, Batt; colorist, Nei Ruffino; letterer, Dave Sharpe; editors, Sean Mackiewicz and Pat McCallum; publisher, DC Comics.

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