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Peanuts 0 (November 2011)

As a Peanuts fan, I was a little surprised to hear Kaboom! was doing a new series. I was hesitant, just because exploiting a franchise after its creator is gone seems… well, difficult.

But, if this zero issue is any indication, Kaboom! is going to do a fine job.

What’s best about the two original stories in the issue is their freedom from the Schulz strips, but also their reverence of them.

Ron Zorman’s piece, set early in the Peanuts run, opens up a traditional strip. The comic page lets him change the visual pacing. The result is a “decompressed” Peanuts strip, but one offering more content.

And the second piece, from Vicki Scott and Paige Braddock, is even better. It’s wordless, with Snoopy and Woodstock (done in the seventies style), and it’s hilarious. It’s even funnier than the issue’s Schulz reprints.

Kaboom!’s Peanuts has me ready for more.

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