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Snarked (2011) #2

Snarked 2Langridge continues to build up Princess Scarlett in Snarked. She’s the only “good” person in the series, though the Walrus is showing himself to be… while not good, capable of adjusting his selfishness for the greater good.

What’s most peculiar is actually how Langridge follows through on something. The issue opens with the threat of the Gryphon, a bounty hunter or some such, and then Langridge actually gets around to having the character appear.

It’s an action issue. After the setups for the villains and the heroes, Langridge moves the action to the town’s business district. There everything else plays out, including the Princess getting valuable information and the Walrus and his sidekick fed.

Towards the end of the issue, Langridge cuts down on the wonderfully written narration, as Princess Scarlett sort of takes over. Thereby making sure it remains kid accessible.

Snarked continues to excel.

Great Kermit cameo too.

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