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Suicide Squad 1 (November 2011)

So the new DC is helping overcome obesity by turning Amanda Waller into a babe? I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to get out of Suicide Squad.

Adam Glass is not a terrible writer. He’s got a dumb job, but he gets through it. We get introduced to some of the cast, in their post-New 52 origins. Deadshot’s seems to be the same.

But, wow, in Deadshot’s origin flashback, we get to see just how bad the art is going to get. Artists Frederico Dallochillo, Ransom Getty and Scott Hanna (no one wants to take responsibility for penciling or inking, apparently) are never good, but that Deadshot flashback with Batman is something else. The art gets terrible… before getting worse.

Suicide Squad is probably a hard book to screw up, but with a pointless story and bad art, it’s difficult to come up with a reason to return.


Kicked in the Teeth; writer, Adam Glass; pencillers, Federico Dallocchio and Ransom Getty; inkers, Dallocchio, Getty and Scott Hanna; colorist, Val Staples; letterer, Jared K. Fletcher; editors, Sean Mackiewicz and Pat McCallum; publisher, DC Comics.

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